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About Valorant

Valorant  Mobile Tournaments Online 2021

Valorant is a video game which is available for free to play [currently available on Windows PC]. Valorant has been developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows. The game was officially released in the month of June 2020. The game is available to download for free on Riot Games official webiste - The setup size of Valorant is 65.5MB and after installation the game size may go over 12GB.


A. Gameplay

It is a first-person-shooter [FPS] tactical game and is set in a futuristic place. Players play as Agents and are divided into Attacking and Defending side. Agents can either use their sharp gunplay to attack or tactical abilities to defend. Each player has one life in a particular round. These Agents are based on several countries and cultures around the world.


B. In-game Currency

The game offers 2 types of in-game currencies – Credits and COD Points or popularly knows as CP. Credits can be earned by a player while playing the game whereas COD Points or CP can be purchased by a player with real world currency.


C. Maps, Modes and Agents

Valorant as of now offers 5 maps – Ascent, Split, Bind, Icebox and Haven. It offers 3 modes to choose to play any of the 5 maps – Standard, Deathmatch and Spike Rush. Valorant also allow users to configure custom settings as the deem fit which including but not limited to ‘allowing cheats’.

In total there are 13 Agents which players can choose from to play the game. The Agents are further split into 4 different classes depending upon the style of gameplay which suits you the best: Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel and Controller.

1. Controller – They are experts in slicing up dangerous territory and offers support to the team. [Agents – Brimstone, Omen and Viper]

2. Duelist – They are your entry fraggers or attackers who engage in conflict with enemy team. [Agents – Jett, Phoenix, Raze and Reyna]

3. Sentinel – They are defensive experts and watches flanks of enemy team. [Agents – Sage, Cypher and Killjoy]

4. Initiator – They are scouts of your team and help the team in gathering intel of the enemy team. [Agents – Sova, Breach and Skye]


D. Agent Abilities

Each Agent has 4 abilities. A player can purchase two at the start of the every round. Every Agent has a signature ability that charges up while the game goes on. Lastly, each and every agent has an ultimately ability which will be charged over time through kills, deaths or spike actions. The ultimately ability is accelerated when you subdue your opponent. The game also allows you to collect orbs across the map which would assist you in charging the ultimate battle.


E.  Valorant and Esports

In India Valorant tournament was kick-started with NODWIN Gaming’s initiative. NODWIN hosted a tournament with a grand prizepool of whooping Rs.4.25 lakhs, the tournament was titled as NODWIN’s Valorant Agni Series 2020.

The crowned champion of NODWIN Valorant Agni Series 2020 was Velocity Gaming who took an amount of Rs.1,50,000/- followed by Reckoning Esports [Rs.75,000/-], God Particles [Rs.50,000/-] and Global Esports [Rs.50,000/-].


F. Rewards for TWOB users

Before we tell you how to join a Valorant Contest on our website, let us in you on what rewards we have planned for our users.

  • Top Sergeant Leaderboard – A user who plays the most with us and tops this board will be eligible to win gift items such as branded earphones/headphones of Boat, JBL and hands-free smart speaker such as Amazon Echo Dot;
  • Recruiting Specialist Leaderboard – Even if you are not a regular gamer, we will still reward you if you refer/ bring your fellow gamers/ friend on our website. You will also be eligible to win gift items such as branded earphones/headphones of Boat, JBL and hands-free smart speaker such as Amazon Echo Dot if you top our Recruiting Specialist Leaderboard;
  • Social Media Giveaways – We also do Giveaways of Valorant Battle Pass on our social media handles. The task is simple – go follow us and participate in our giveaways.
  • Other Rewards – Not only Headphones or Battle Pass we also have subscriptions to gift to our users for various OTT Platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and many more.

Valorant  Mobile Tournaments 2021

G. How to Join a Valorant Contest organised by TWOB?

  1. After you have registered with us, verified your account and completed your profile, you click on your name appearing on the top-left and from the drop-down menu click on ‘Dashboard’.
  2. On your left handside you will see a list of games, click on Valorant and from the drop-down menu you can either click on ‘Daily Battles’ or ‘Tournaments’ to see active contests.
  3. Choose a game that fits your style and click on Join.
  4. Once your contest joining has been confirmed, you will receive a Room ID and Password 15 minutes before the scheduled match time to join Custom Room hosted by us. To know more about how to join a Valorant Custom Room, please see the below information.


H. How to Join a Valorant Custom Room?

  • Download Valorant game and install it on your computer/ laptop following website link of the official website given above.
  • You and your squad has to send us a friend request on the below credentials:

            RIOT ID – TWOB            TAGLINE – 3428

  • We will verify your credentials you have used on our platform at the time of joining a Valorant Contest.
  • 15 minutes before the match starts you and your squad will be invited to join the custom game.
  • Please note to sit in the designated category allotted to you i.e. either Attacker or Defender.