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Pubg Mobile Tournaments India 2021 


PUBG or Player Unknown's Battle Ground made its first global appearance 4 years ago. The game was launched for PC gamers first. However, the mobile version was launched in 2018. Tencent Games with Krafton Inc. distributed the game globally, and the game was created by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, an in-house agency of Tencent Games. Till last month, PUBG Mobile has been downloaded over 100 million times. Likewise, it has profited over $ 4.3 billion from the Market.


A. Gameplay

In Classic mode, a group of 100 players is stationed on a certain map. The contestants are dispatched there through a plane and land on with their parachute only. Apart from their customized clothes, players do not have extra baggage to affect their gameplay at the beginning of the match. Armors, weapons, several types of equipment, and vehicles are given throughout the map. Players are required to search and explore towns, buildings, and other sites to collect them. Some areas are abundant with these items. Those are marked as high loot zones and are more likely to have close combats. Players can also kill their opponent to collect the gears and upgrade theirs. The Classic mode here can be described as the Last-Man-Standing-Survival mode. The player or group that remains alive, eliminating others, until the end of the game will be declared the winner. Players can enter the match as Solo (The player itself), Duo (Two players together), or Squad (Four players in each team). The playable area on the map shrinks down every few minutes. Players are warned on their screen about the safe zone marked and are required to reach there before the time ends. Straying outside the play zone after the time stops, proves to be as lethal as costing the avatar's health points to zero. In the safe zone, some areas are marked as red zones and bombs drop in there for a while. Then the mark shifts to another area. Also, some loot boxes are distributed through planes on the map while the game is ongoing. These boxes contain items that are generally unobtainable on the map. Signaling the players with a cloud of visible red smoke, the area around the boxes gets a high chance for encounters.

The Evoground Mode has two types of gameplays viz Payload and Rage Gear. In Rage Gear mode, players have to chase and take down their opponent from inside their vehicle. In Payload mode, grenade launchers and rocket launchers can be used to shot the enemies. Players get respawned as soon as they are killed. Though they have to look out for the shrinking play zone.

In Arena, there are 4 different modes to play. The Arena Training mode allows the players to sharpen their skills. In Gun Games, players are given random guns and the guns change as soon as they make a kill. Domination mode requires the players to capture and hold at least 2 areas of the given 3 to ensure their win. Team Deathmatch is a 4v4 mode where 4 players fight with another 4 on a small map. Players can choose and customize their weapon loadout. Different weapons and attachments unlock as the players' Evo level increases. Assault and Ruins are two modes of Team Death Match.

Quick Match, Sniper Training, and War are 3 types of Arcade games. Quick Match allows 28 players to fight. In war, the target is to obtain 80 points. Players participate in Squads (group of 4). In sniper training mode, players have to take down enemies with snipers. On the map, there will be provided snipers and pistols. No assault rifle or SMG is available throughout the map. Players can enhance their sniping skills here.

The game can also be played in First Person Perspective (FPP) and Third-Person Perspective (TPP).


B. In-Game Currency

Players earn in-game currency after every single match. The amount is based on the performance of the player during the match. This currency can be used to buy crates from the store. These crates consist of cosmetic items to customize the characters and weapons of the players.


C. Maps

It consists of 4 main maps viz Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi. Another map titled Livik made its debut in the July 2020 update of the game.

The most popular map from the competitive point of view is Erangel, . This map is plotted on an 8x8 surface area. The island covers mountains as well as grasslands. The mainland of Erangel is connected to the military base island through a bridge. The landing locations on this map are - Apartments, Georgopol, Mylta, Mansion, Hospital, Novorepnoye, Sosnovka Military Base, Pochinki, Quarry, Rozhok, Ruins, Shooting Range, Stalber, South Georgopol, Yasnaya, Water Town.


Miramar is practically a desert plotted in an 8x8 picture and so far, the biggest map in the game. That huge landmass, lack of trees, and rough terrain are enough reasons for a player to move cautiously here with or without a vehicle. Miramar boasts of the below-mentioned areas - San Martin, Puerto Paraiso, Prison, Water Treatment, Minas Del Sur, Pecado, Oasis, Minas Generales, Los Leones, Campo Militar, El Pozo, Graveyard, Hacienda del Patron, Chumacera.


Sanhok is a 4x4 island map. The area is full of trees and hills. The land is split into 3 zones by the river. The map is the smallest of all others. But the abundance of loot here results in tumultuous and fast-paced combats. Players can find the following area on the map - Tat Mok, Quarry, Ruins, Camp Alpha, Camp Bravo, Camp Charlie, Bootcamp, Ban Tai, Bhan, Cave, Docks, La Kawi, Kampong, Mongnai, Paradise Resort, Pai Nan.


Vikendi is a 6x6 snow-covered island. There are frosted water bodies and vehicles to cross the white landscapes. There will be footprints marked on the feathery ice to track down the enemy a little easier. The landing zones of Vikendi are - Abbey, Volnova, Castle, Lumber Yard, Coal Mine, Podvosto, Dobro Mesto, Goroka, Dino Park, Villa, Cantra, Cosmodrome, Cement Factory, Mount Kreznic, Hot Springs.


Livik is mapped on a 2x2 area. It allows competition among 52 members for 15 minutes only. Contrary to the other maps in the game, Livik has an abundance of loot in its small area. Rare weapons like the P90 SMG, Monster Truck Vehicle, and Mk12 Marksman are easily available here. The landing zones in Livik are - Wengen, Gass, Rose Farm, Iceborg, Lupin Felt, Gronhus, Blomster, Hot Spring, Crabgrass, East Port, Fiskerhut, Midstein, Reeds, Aqueduct, Power Plant, Helle, Holdhus, Dormant Volcano, Lumber Yard, Shipyard, Askehus, Waterfall, Ystad.


D. New State

In September 2020, it was banned in India regarding privacy and security issues. From then on, Krafton Inc. is seeking ways to re-launch an India version of the game in Indian Market. On November 14, 2020, an announcement was of the India version of the game was made, however, things are from a launch. The latest 0.21.0 update is raising questions about the much anticipating Indian version of the game. Also, the recent registration of people for the Indian version is fueling the fire. This year, on February 25, 2021, a new version of the game, PUBG New State was also announced. This game is said to be made by the PUBG Studio. The pre-registration was open for a certain time. It is about time to see how this successor of the original game performs.


E. Rewards for TWOB users

Before we tell you how to join a PUBG Mobile Contest on our website, let us in you on what rewards we have planned for our users.

  • Top Sergeant Leaderboard – A user who plays the most with us and tops this board will be eligible to win gift items such as branded earphones/headphones of Boat, JBL and hands-free smart speaker such as Amazon Echo Dot;
  • Recruiting Specialist Leaderboard – Even if you are not a regular gamer, we will still reward you if you refer/ bring your fellow gamers/ friend on our website. You will also be eligible to win gift items such as branded earphones/headphones of Boat, JBL and hands-free smart speaker such as Amazon Echo Dot if you top our Recruiting Specialist Leaderboard;
  • Social Media Giveaways – We also do Giveaways related to PUBG Mobile on our social media handles. The task is simple – go follow us and participate in our giveaways.
  • Other Rewards – Not only Headphones or Giveaways we also have subscriptions to gift to our users for various OTT Platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and many more.