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About Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Tournaments 2021

Call of Duty Mobile or now popularly known as CODM is a mobile video game which is available for free to download and play, on iOS as well as on Android platform. Call of Duty Mobile has been developed by TiMi Studios and is published by Activision and Garena. The game was released in the month of October 2019 and by June 2020 CODM generated over USD 327 million in revene. As of December 2020 it has a massive download of 300 million. It will not come as a surprise that CODM is soon going to be a billion dollar game.

Call of Duty Online Tournaments 2021

A.    Gameplay

The game offers two types of modes to play, the first being Multiplayer Mode or as the gamer calls it MP Mode and the second being Battle Royale or as popularly called as BR mode.
In Mulitplayer mode players can either play ranked matches or non-ranked matches. Multiplayer mode is in ‘first person shooter’ or FPS mode whereas the Battle Royale is available in both ‘first person shooter [FPS]’ as well as ‘third person shooter [TPS]’ mode.

B.    In-game Currency

The game offers 2 types of in-game currencies – Credits and COD Points or popularly knows as CP. Credits can be earned by a player while playing the game whereas COD Points or CP can be purchased by a player with real world currency.

C.    Mutliplayer Mode and Maps

MP Mode is a traditional 5vs5 team based combat and can be played across various maps such as Shipment 1944, Nuketown, Crossfire, Crash, Summit etc. Players can choose to play any of the CORE game modes from a list of 8 which includes Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Search & Destroy, Hardpoint, Gunfight, Free For All. Additionally, CODM also offers Featured Mode [under the MP Mode] such as Nuketwon Russia, Small Map Player, Gun Game Mospit, PTFO, Winter in Summit, Best of Black Ops, Secondary School among others. The maps available in Feature Mode may last for a few days, weeks or for an entire season.
 Another unique feature of the MP mode which player can use in a tactful manner is of ‘scorestreaks’. After reaching a certains scorestreak special items carried by the player in a particular match gets activated which then can be used by the player to his/her advantage.

D.    Battle Royale Mode and Maps

BR Mode hosts 2 sets of Maps, the first being Isolated and the second being Alcatraz.
In BR mode a player can either play Solo, in Duo or in a 4-man Squad. The game starts with 100 players being dropped on an island and at the beginning of the game players are asked to choose an operator skill ranging from ‘summoning zombies from a toy bomb’ to ‘disappearing right infront of your enemies’. The player depending upon the flight path can either choose to drop on a high loot zone [a location appearing in ‘orange’ name] or can choose a non-high loot zone [a location appearing in ‘white’ name]. When the player drops off to any location on the map of his/her choice the only weapon he/she has is a knife.
The objective of the player is to defeat all enemies and stay alive till the end to win the match and to meet this objective the map is filled with items such as guns ranging from normal to legendary, choppers, vehicles, etc. With the start of the game, a safe zone is formed which is indicated on the map as a white circle. Players objective is to reach this white circle/ safe zone before time runs out.
A new map Alcataraz was added to the BR mode on the 1st anniversary of Call of Duty Mobile. This map is a strict 4-man squad game, you cannot go solo here. Alcatraz offers close quarters combat in the Cellhouse and long-range fighting on the island grounds. A squad has to ensure that they must not take prisoners if they want that victory, especially as redeploy planes can bring a team on their last survivor back to full strength.
This map was first introduced in COD:Black Ops 4. It is a fast paced map and is 3 times smaller compared to the Isolated map. Alcatraz is a prison styled map and is inspired by a real life prison island in California, United States. In Alcatraz each player has 5 lives which comes into play only  if the player after being knocked out by the enemy does not get revival by his/her team mates. In Alcatraz players need not setup their operator skill and can be picked up after they land on the map.

E.    Call of Duty Mobile and Esports

A partnership between Activision and Sony Mobile Communications led to an official entry of CODM in esports.This entry was kicked off with The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020 Tournament with a massive prizepool of USD 1 million. Now they are coming with a world championship 2021, the teaser of which have excited a lot of players on one hand but have not gone down well with players who love playing BR mode. 
The regional finals/Stage 4 of the Call of Duty Mobile Tournament ended with Team Mayhem winning the Eastern Europe and Asia Qualifier. Team Mayhem also qualified over the World Championship 2020. Team Mayhem won USD 15,000 off that tournament, however, following the cancellation of the World Championship, all teams (with exception of Oxygen Esports) are to receive USD 107,000 equally from the USD 750,000 prizepool.

F. Rewards for TWOB users

Before we tell you how to join a Call of Duty Mobile Contest on our website, let us in you on what rewards we have planned for our users.

  • Top Sergeant Leaderboard – A user who plays the most with us and tops this board will be eligible to win gift items such as branded earphones/headphones of Boat, JBL and hands-free smart speaker such as Amazon Echo Dot;
  • Recruiting Specialist Leaderboard – Even if you are not a regular gamer, we will still reward you if you refer/ bring your fellow gamers/ friend on our website. You will also be eligible to win gift items such as branded earphones/headphones of Boat, JBL and hands-free smart speaker such as Amazon Echo Dot if you top our Recruiting Specialist Leaderboard;
  • Social Media Giveaways – We also do Giveaways of Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass on our social media handles. The task is simple – go follow us and participate in our giveaways.
  • Other Rewards – Not only Headphones or Battle Pass we also have subscriptions to gift to our users for various OTT Platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and many more.

G.    How to Join a Call Of Duty Mobile Contest organised by TWOB?

  1. After you have registered with us, verified your account and completed your profile, you click on your name appearing on the top-left and from the drop-down menu click on ‘Dashboard’.
  2. On your left handside you will see a list of games, click on Call of Duty Mobile and from the drop-down menu you can either click on ‘Daily Battles’ or ‘Tournaments’ to see active contests.
  3. Choose a game that fits your style and click on Join.
  4. Once your contest joining has been confirmed, you will receive a Room ID and Password 15 minutes before the scheduled match time to join Custom Room hosted by us. To know more about how to join  a Call of Duty Mobile Custom Room, please see the below information.

H.    How to Join a Call of Duty Mobile Custom Room?

  1. Open the CoD Mobile game on your mobile. On the Main Menu Screen, tap on ‘Battle Royale’ which you will find on the bottom right corner of the game screen.

  2. Tap on the ‘three-line menu’ on the top right corner of the screen. Thereafter from the dropdown menu tap on ‘Private’.

  3. Tap on the ‘Home’ at the top-right of your screen as you can see in the red-circle in the image.

  4. Enter Room ID and press Search.

  5. ‘Enter Password’ and tap on ‘Join’.

  6. Now you are in Private Room. Take your slot and wait for the host to start the Room.