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28 April 2021

Valorant Patch Note 2.08

By Mahasweta Das

Valorant Patch Notes 2.08

After a long halt, the 2.08 adaptation of the fix notes has been added in Valorant close by the update of the Second Episode with a Third Act. The new map Breeze will be accessible in short matches like Deathmatch, Escalation, and Spike Rush. There will likewise be a personalized line for the Sixth location only. Players will be able to explore the area through custom games. In any case, for the Unrated and Ranked Competitive matches, the map will not be open when dispatched. After a fortnight from today, the customized match system will be closed, and therefore the Ranked Competitive and Unrated matches will get Breeze close by the previous 5 maps.


It's not the sole update of the upcoming patch. We will discuss the other patches with you, too.

There has been some update on the HRTF system. If you've got enabled the HRTF property, you'll be hearing sounds if somebody drops their armament.

There are bugs where the icons of the Ranks were disappearing from the match history, or Rank badges of ongoing Act were appearing when the match was loaded in non-competitive modes. These are getting solved.

Due to a bug in Spike Rush Mode, players were reportedly losing the Operator they need equipping if they picked up a weapon upgrade orb. This is maybe fixed i.e.; players will not lose their weapon. Instead, they're going to receive a random one for the secondary slot.

After the last patch, there emerged some agent bugs alongside these. From now on, Players will be able to ascertain KillJoy's Alarmbots and Turrets albeit these are inactive. Also, they're going to not be ready to use flash if and as long as they're entirely inside the Smoke of Brimstone or Astra. During this patch also, Viper is getting some updates on her abilities. When crossing the teleporter on the Bind Map, Viper's toxic screen won't be allowed long-drawn than planned. And, her poison cloud picking-up distance was increased to 400 within patch 2.06, but it's been again reduced to 200. That said, she is going to be ready to access the cloud from 200 m away and less. Astra's Nebula VFX wasn't working properly on low settings. it's been improved alongside the above mentioned.


Riot Devs mentioned adding an instructor wring the upcoming patch for the Competitive duels. Well, they have taken the first step to keep their promise. Coaches can only be an audience in tournament mode games and keep an eye fixed on their selected team only. They're unable to speak with their team via Voice and Team Chat or Map Ping if that specific team is playing a match. However, if they want or got to interact with the Moderator, they're can use the Party Chat or All chat, as per requirement. If permitted to players, then Coaches can suspend a particular game if needed.

The social panel will now have the players from the Wild Rift game also. The Reporter Feedback System is going to be within the game. Players are going to be informed if the Devs take action against the players they reported about. Moreover, a warning system is going to be authorized for the players who tend to interrupt the rules of the game.

However, there are some issues alongside the newest seasonal update and patch notes. Valorant officials have requested the players to keep patience until those are resolved. Fingers crossed, let's await the answer.

The best is yet to return. ;)


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