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15 April 2021

Valorant Patch 2.07 – Everything You Want and Don’t Want to Know

By Mahasweta Das


On 9th April, 2021, the data miner named "Floxay" posted a picture captioned as "2.07 patch notes" on his Twitter handle. The image essentially looked like from Riot's page.

Today, on 13th April, 2021, the official page of Valorant announced the same.

After a heavy buff in the last update, this patch is going to be lighter, as said by the devs. While some agents will have their bugs fixed, others will have an upgrade in the abilities.


The updates can be listed in the following manner:

  • Agents-
  1. If someone from the opponent team was defusing a spike, Astra wasn't able to affect him/her. But, through this patch, Astra will pull up every enemy nearby and also, away from the spike range. As a result, the spike will not get deactivated.
  2. Raze, with her blast packs, can fly very high and too much far. I won't get surprised if I hear an explosion far away and instantly see an enemy Raze standing in front of me. Well, guess what! As Jett has a tailwind, Raze will have a trailing noise after she gets the hike from her satchel explosion. This will give opponents an idea that Raze is inbound!!! Also, Raze's VFX regarding grenade and her ult is getting a nerf. Thus, they won't blur combat in the way they do now. And they'll not be in the play area for much more of a time.
  3. We know that Viper got a boost in her abilities in the last patch. But, even if she caused 50 decays to an enemy, it took too long to kill him/her. The algorithm calculated whether the bullet shots were lethal or not and thus causing too many shots from Marshal - the sniper with high damage. This is getting a fix in this patch.


  • Changes in Quality of Life-
  1. Players can use the wheel-like tool to select desired ping systems more easily now.
  2. Observers will see the Tripwires planted by Cypher with the color corresponding to their teams.


  • The bugs which got a fix-
      1. People who are observing will no longer view misplaced aim vectors if they are changing the views from player to player and a certain player among them is scoping with a sniper rifle.
      2. Yoru will be unable to implant spike instantly after applying Gatecrash along with active ult.
      3. If Astra's ult(i.e., the Astral form) ends while Omen's ult is applied, Astra will no more see any dome.
      4. If Sage has created her barrier orb and Killjoy places her turret nearby, the orb will not be destroyed.
      5. Cyber Cage Projectiles will not allow Cypher to set spycams in them.
      6. Killjoy's alarmbots will not chase far away enemies who came across its range.
      7. Also, if Skye throws her Flash Bird (aka Guiding Light) directly down, it will not go underground as it used to do.

  • Changes in Competitive Matches –
      1. The devs have fixed issues about promotion screens and selecting local servers.
      2. Players will no more face any problem while viewing the in-game career of any of their friends.


  • Social Bug Fixes –
  1. Most probably, players will no longer have to reestablish their client after their competitive restriction gets over.
  2. Sometimes, players were not fined even if they stay AFK (Away from Keyboard) during a match. This is resolved.

Players who have Russian Keyboard settings or swapped to the Thai keyboard are going to have their issues solved.


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