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25 April 2021

Valorant - Breeze Map | A Quick Tour

By Mahasweta Das


Valorant officials have released the teaser trailer of their sixth map. And yep, it is officially named "Breeze". It is located on the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle. The map is warmer and fresher as contrary to Icebox where things are a little covered and snowy(I guess?!). The Breeze will appear in Act 3 of Episode 2. The Battle Pass for Act 3 has been revealed. There are 3 new types of gun skins, several new gun buddies, and some new PlayervsPlayer cards too. But this time, there will be no new agent. Which is surprising, by the way.

At first, we will take a quick tour around the Caribbean Breeze. It is a ship stuck in the sand. The combination of Sea, Mountain, and Trees make it no less than a Paradise. The map is soothing to the eyes just by watching. We can guarantee that you will certainly love to explore the map with us.

Starting on the attackers' side spawn, if you take a strict left, you head to the attackers' side sneak, and left again, you end up in the window. The view is similar to that of Heaven. The window is very wide and there is little to no cover there. So, you will need flash and smoke to blind and attack the enemy. From the window, you can push straight to B main onto the B site. Restarting from the spawn side, through the sneak, if you go straight, you go to mid cannon, and then there is Elbow. From the Elbow, you take a tight left and end up in B main to B site. If you take straight from the Elbow, you will reach Mid crossing the Elbow turn.


From the attackers' side spawn, if you go straight instead of left, and then turn left, you will reach the mid cannon stated above. And, if you go straight and straight, you will reach mid.

Again, if we head right from the attackers' side, there is a cave that goes straight into A site. the cave can be entered by either taking the closest right turn or through the 2nd entrance i.e., through the shop. If we take straight after right, we take the ropes and enter a hallway(of the ship). If we take a short left from there and go down, we reach the mid-shoot, where you go and shoot (just like that). If you don't or can't go up, you are in the mid. Instead, if you go straight, and take the door right side, you reach A.

[Straight to the ropes]


[Inside the Cave]


Now, to the defenders' side. If you take left from there, you have two options - either up ropes or straight through. Going straight ends up in A. Taking the up ropes gives a nice defenders' view of A. Or, you can go right after that and end up in the hallway.

Go straight from the defenders' side and you'll reach a two-way. Going left ends in the hallway and going right leads to mid-pillars.

Taking right from the defenders' side takes you through the arches. These arches are very much open and lead us to the B site. You cannot take covers in the arches, so preferably won't take these to hide and attack.

The B side, comparatively, has some corners to hide and attack though. The giant pillar can be interestingly ideal for gunfights. Players have to calculate their next move while planting spike in B. There are some walls that you can shoot through.


In mid, there are walls, pillars, and barrels to climb and shoot from. You cannot stand on the doors, but the mid wood doors are wall-bangable.


Moving on to the A-side, there are two pyramids where you can stand. The spike can be planted anywhere around the pyramids except for the joining bar. You cannot shoot through the walls but the wooden boxes. We can enter the hallway from A through the metal door. Interestingly enough, neither the door nor the switches can be broken. And the switches are accessible from both in and out of the hallway.


There are many open holes along the roof of the covered areas, probably for the line-ups of the agents.

Okay, so that's a wrap. We've pretty much covered every aspect of the map. Now pick your agent and plot your attack on the map and give a look at these cute images wink with these words from the officials 'Find your resting place, - in Breeze'.




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