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07 April 2021

Undawn - A New Horizon

By Mahasweta Das

On Monday 5th April, a popular FPS (First Person Shooter) game publisher announced the release of a new game under the title “Undawn”. Garena has previously published games like Free Fire and call of Duty Mobile. This time, they are collaborating with another shark of the gaming industry, Tencent games. “Undawn” is set to be developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studios, a subsidiary of the Chinese gaming corporation, Tencent. With Krafton announcing PUBG: New State, Garena keeps up its pace with Undawn.

Garena has already released a teaser trailer along with the pre-alpha registration link of their new game. It will be a third-person shooter game available for both Mobile and PC. There have been many cross-platform games before. But the developers and publishers promise to provide a whole new horizon through Undawn.

Nowadays, zombies have become a new addiction among gamers and movie lovers, basically all. Wherever you go, whichever direction you turn, Zombies are ruling the world. Well, not literally, but hypothetically. Video Games, Movies, Story-Books everywhere – people are drooling over them. The suspense, the thrill, the adrenaline rush is something people are craving.

The story of Undawn is set in an apocalyptic world ruled by Zombies. Players have to fight a horde of Zombies lurking at every corner. There will be both People vs People (PvP) as well as People vs Environment (PvE) mode in the game. They have to set up a base and defend that from Zombies. Players have to collect resources by playing the open world of Undawn. The main motto is to survive in a world where Zombies are the inhabitants and Humans are aliens.

It will be made by the "Unreal Engine 4". Packed with RPG elements, Undawn is expected to be released later this year. According to Danial Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, Tencent is focusing to maintain its AAA quality for the game title by focusing on cross-platform while having a global approach. It will be a major shift from their mobile-based gaming strategy. He further added that another game named “Dawn Awakening” is in the test phase of the Chinese market and has already completed over 20 million pre-registrations.

Based on the teaser launched, players have to explore cities and jungles, defending themselves against Zombies and surviving in the most adverse environment.

Senior Director of Business Development at Garena, Mr. Hai Wang, in a press conference, stated that the modern gamers community is highly appreciative of shooter and open-world games. To serve their taste, Undawn will be present there with highly resourceful and inquisitive gameplay, he said.

Rick Li, Executive producer of LightSpeed & Quantum studios declared Garena as a perfect partner to release Undawn. He said that their (Garena) understanding of the gaming market is reliable. He further added that Garena will launch the game where it will be appreciated the most.

Two major gaming corporations Tencent and Garena in-house, Undawn is setting up the par very high even before its release. Fans are anticipating seeing the responses “Undawn” gets during and after its release.

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