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25 May 2021

Top 4 Weapons - Valorant

By Mahasweta Das


Valorant has developed from the beta process nearly over a year and the game also generated a lot of top players since then. While this game has specific skills comparable to Overwatch, it relies further on the subject than on CSGO. Like something else, gamers have a prospect of playing with a variety of weapons. Once it comes to gaming, Valorant has a unique perspective. It consists of various officers, but firing and precision of the crosshair are still at the core of the system. A gamer requires decent accuracy, command of the gun, and knowing the point-and-shoot form to score in the match. The world is storming with the latest entrance into the category of FPS from Riot. As Indian esports rise, Valorant is ready to become one of India's largest esports.

Here are the top four guns a gamer must know in order for the game to function:


Among all arms in Valorant, the operator seems to have the maximum damages for each bullet. It is potentially the most costly tool in Valorant's one-hit-killer nature. Since this gun has low fire frequency which can render everyone weak, it's the most deadly gun with its loadout. With such large-capacity magazines of 5, the operator provides strong penetrative capabilities.



This is the most costly fire gun throughout the play and has great faults like other shotguns. In Valorant it is automatic weapons with such a size of 7 magazines. This has quite relatively low efficiency but double harm is caused via any shots that hit the head. The increased fire frequency and low propagation are lower in terms of bullet damage than Bucky.



This rifle is fully automated with high DPS (Damage per Second) in any area. A headshot can be deadly with this weapon, as it destroys the opponent at once. The spray pattern may be most difficult to manage but could help you if you correctly place all your targets. For such a specific weapon, the bullets spread and recede (recoil) is a bit upward.



In comparison with its other counterpart, this completely automated attack rifle has less damage. Even so, with a silencer, it has high accuracy and lower range. The fire rate is much higher and the suppressor is a good attack tool. If you shoot in near proximity, an opponent will be shot. It reduces recoil and spread when keeping down ADS and makes it very effective.

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