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06 June 2021

Top 4 Pets in FreeFire 2021

By Yogesh Kalla


Free Fire is very distinctive because of its skills as well as the pet concept, as opposed to several other royal battle titles. As per our tactical approach, we usually pick a hero in FF. Based on a pet we chose, our playing technique may be changed. These are battlefield buddies and have special abilities that enable gamers to succeed in the games. FF contains over ten different animals.


Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor was a stronger animal because of his exceptional capability for supplying teams with valuable resources like Gloo Grenade. His talent “Smooth Gloo” allows him to distribute Gloo grenades to players who utilize them from time to time. It is especially helpful in the last battle when all are lacking in resources and he does not provide you a bomb anywhere. Gloo grenades are given every 120 seconds to gamers and every hundred seconds above level 2. We must spend 699 diamonds to employ this animal.


Detective Panda

This animal has been specially made for competitive participants who want to kill and support. It's called the “panda blessing” power which after killing increases the HP of a guy. During the first stage, participants receive a frag of 4 hp that is boosted to 10 per kill afterward. We must spend 699 diamonds to employ this animal. In close confrontations with multiple enemies, this Extra HP is small but highly important.


Ottero is adorable yet among the most powerful animal in FF and often is utilized for playing in an offensive manner by hostile gamers. It has a certain power to use a Medkit or Bandage, nicknamed the “Double Blubber” which boosts the EP. The boost of EP is really helpful for persons who fight and are utilized in embrace circumstances very often. Participants will receive 35% of the restored HP and also EP during Level 1. The rate of healing is fixed at 65%, meaning players will earn 65 EP with every 100 hp they have regained.


Falco has been among the most recently added to the FF Pet lineup. His skill, named “Skyline Spree,” raises his gliding velocity once he jumps at the beginning of the match. This speed also rises even as the parachute is opened. This feature applies to the whole squad and could be utilized by players who would like to engage in hot zones quicker. The velocity of the Glide rises by 15 percent while the Parachute is opened and climbs further up to 25 percent.



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