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Star Oracle Bundle Poster
10 April 2021


By Mahasweta Das


Garena has introduced a new bundle named “Star Oracle Bundle” in Free Fire. The event is going to be live from 10th April, 2021 to 16th April, 2021.

The event has been added into the Faded Wheel event. During this event, different bundles will be added every week. The players have to spin the wheel and collect rewards. This will increase the count of the spin. Players will be rewarded with additional prize as per the number of spin.

Star Oracle Bundle Overview

Also, as the name suggests, you to check two gifts from the prize set and click on “Confirm”. These gifts will then be removed from your prize list.

Star Oracle Bundle - Choose 2

But, if a player receives a certain prize, he or she will not be able to claim it the second time. The first spin will require only 9 diamonds. But, from the next time, players will need more diamonds to spin the wheel.

This time, the Egg Hunter Parafal Gun Skin is one of the grand prizes from the bundle.

Egg Parafal

The other prizes include some permanent prizes as well as some temporary prizes. Most of the prizes are Gun Skins, where the others are either cube fragments or airdrop calling coupon.

Cube Fragment Free Fire                                                                                                             [Cube Frament]


Summon Airdrop FreeFire

It also has Diamond Royale Voucher. That voucher will expire on 31st May 2021.

Diamond Royal Voucher                                                                                                        [Diamond Royal Voucher]

If you notice, the temporary prize and permanent prize are the same. The temporary ones are variants of 7 days, 3 days and 24 hours of the permanent gun skins listed in there.

The prize list also provides players with pet food. We know that pets are necessary in Free Fire as much as other necessities. So it’s a must to keep them healthy. This pet food will help in that. The pets will gain back health points after eating these.

Pet Food

The Star Oracle Bundle will be the #1 choice for many, almost everyone. The animated effect in the complete set is something you can fix eyes onto. Generally, players need to pay real currency to have this kind of rare prizes.

Some other prizes are:

1. Phantom Assassin – This will give players a Phantom Assassin gun skin for any random gun.

The guns include:-

  • SCAR Phantom Assassin which has a special kill feed and visualization effect. Damage will be increased by 1; Accuracy will be increased by 2. Though magazine capacity will be decreased.
  • SKS Phantom Assassin will have increment of accuracy by 2 and Magazine will be reduced by 1.

'CAR Phantom Assasin

2. Cube Fragment – Players need to collect 100 fragments to receive a magic cube.


3. Parafal Egg Hunter – This is a permanent prize. Damage and Accuracy gets increased by 1, while there’s a slight decrement in the reloading speed.


4. Victory Wings Pack – Players will receive Victory Wings Skin for any of the following guns:-

  • M60: Range and Accuracy increase by 1, where Reload Speed gets decreased by 1.
  • VSS: Reload Speed will decrease by 1 and Magazine capacity will be up by 2.
  • SKS: Damage and Accuracy get up by 1 notch while Range is shortened by 1 unit.

Victory Wings Loot

5. Digital Invasion Set – Players are able to receive a Digital Invasion skin of any gun among the following:-

  • AK
  • SPAS12
  • SKS

Digital Invasion Set   

All the guns have same specialties in this pack. They all have decrement in Magazine Capacity by 1 and Accuracy increases by 2.


6. Star General Package – This crate has only 2 types of guns.

  • M4A1
  • VSS

Star General Package   

Both of them will have a boost in damage by 2 points and Magazine Capacity will decrease by 1. Only the M4A1 gets an increment in range by 1.


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