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Nigh Market Valorant 2
10 April 2021

Return of Valorant Night Market – A Hint of New Map and Agent

By Mahasweta Das

Valorant Night Market 

The Night. Market Event has returned in Valorant. In a tweet from the official handle on 7th April at about 04:00 pm (PDT), they announced the event. Players are advised to grab their wallets. The event will be live from April 7th, 2021 to April 20th, 2021.

In Night. Market, six cosmetic items will be sold at a discounted price. Items in the night market vary from player to player. Once a player reveals his/her contents of Night. Market, there is no going back. Players are generally given at least two premium items out of the six offered in there. The rarer the item, the lower will be the discount. Also, players can't get more than two of the same kind of items.

The "Night. Market" is available on the Valorant home screen, at the top right corner.

But, as soon as the "Night. Market" came into the spotlight, the countdown started for the next agent and map location.

Last week Valorant gave a round of updates on a new map codenamed to be Foxtrot. The intro song for the map has been leaked by the Latin American handle "Valorant Leaks". The song sounded tropical and many people assume that it's based on the Caribbean. Also, the "Night. Market" cover has "CARIB" on it. It only adds more log into the "Caribbean" flame.

Right next to it, there is a crossed-out name deciphered to be "Breeze". It may be the name of the new agent or, the official name of the new map coming in the next act. Because "Foxtrot" just seems to be a placeholder.

Now, if we take a closer look at the "Night. Market" cover, we see some coordinates viz, 71.0000 degrees West at the top left and 25.0000 degrees North at the bottom right corner. Do they represent the location of the new map?

Well, if we place the coordinates in Google Maps, it points to nowhere, in the middle of the ocean. Until you find it just in the middle of the "Bermuda Triangle". Also, there was a battle pass premium card in the last season named "Lost in the Sea". It features a ship. And there has been a gun buddy featuring a pirate's hat. All these may point to somewhere. Or, nowhere. Who knows!

There also came a gun buddy named "Mango Tango" featuring two mangoes. The background of the recent "Night. Market" cover seems rocky. Like a wall built by rocks. There also have been structures like leaves on the top left sides. The upper side also shows some ropes and possibly, a metal or wooden beam. All in all, they do show some hints of tropics going on in there. And with the Caribbean song and "CARIB" phrase, the curiosity is increasing at a very very high rate.

However, the next Act is due in 20 days i.e., under three weeks. So, hopefully, more and more teasers will be there for fans and players. They'll keep teasing us, and we'll be guessing their next move. The game's gonna be fun.

It will be more fun when the final update will be there. Until then, fingers crossed, sit tight fellas!

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