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06 June 2021

Release Date of Battlegrounds Mobile India

By Yogesh Kalla


BGMI has been the most desired game throughout the Indian mobile gaming world. It was approximately 2 weeks ago the game launched its pre-registration process at the Android Market. But creators still have to declare the launch date for the title formally.

Fans constantly followed the development since the news came to social media. PUBG players are eager regarding its comeback & millions have enrolled in advance for this title. Pre-registrations will be awarded to players possessing certain in-game accessories & products. The mania for pre-registration has steadily increased since then.

It’s just been disclosed that more than 2 crores authorized pre-registration of BGMI has been completed. The makers were excited well with feedback & expect that once the title is publicly confirmed, it will keep increasing.

The game launch date has been highly questionable. Popular YouTubers and activists throughout the nation have given a lot of tips on the start of the game.

Sagar ‘Maxtern’, the well-Known influencer, posted a bunch of binary digits. This strange post struck the fans. This conversion of the binary sequence described a number indicating the BGMI release date.

Krafton still has to make any formal announcements about the launch date of the title. Fans feel convinced that the game will be launched on 18th June.

Krafton answered a question for publication date on the official website.

We are currently concluding the release date and are keeping our followers updated about the future. Our main site and social networking sites will announce major features so keep up with new information.


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