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Coastal Map CODM
13 April 2021

New Coastal Map Debuts in Call of Duty Mobile

By Mahasweta Das

On 3rd April 2021, in their official youtube channel, Call of Duty Mobile announced the first teaser of the new MultiPlayer map "Coastal". It was said to make its debut in the next season. Though there was no clear indication of whether the next season is the very next or not.

Shortly after the release of Season 2: Day of Reckoning, the devs started giving hints about what the audience can expect from them in the upcoming seasons. The "Coastal" and "Oasis" were the first things to be leaked.

Both the Multiplayer maps look very very appealing to players. The locations and sightseeing are too much to just ignore. While the "Oasis" map got its final reservation in the next season 3 update, the "Coastal" map was still on the waiting list.

Finally, on 13th April, the official Instagram account of the Call of Duty Mobile confirmed that "Coastal" is appearing in the "Tokyo Escape" season.

The first leak of the map appeared in the Chinese version of CoDM. The devs mentioned that the map will be ideal for multiplayer matches like Search & Destroy. Though other modes will be available to play in there.

The map is somewhat similar to the Tunisia map launched last year in the game. If you have played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, popularly known as CS: GO, you would find the map easy to travel and explore.

"Coastal" map has a long side street, as seen in the teaser. This provides a vast range for sniping. Players just have to find a suitable place and position to hide. From there, they can keep on sniping as long as they have their favorite sniper (and no enemy standing just behind them!).

Along with the long alley, the map also has some corners which are ideal for close fighting or melee attacks. Fans and players are pretty much excited about what more is upcoming in the next season.

In the teaser, if you listen very carefully, there is a male voice-over. That voice probably belongs to one of the characters who are going to be launched in Season 3. If we quote whatever we heard from him, it goes like this: "Fools, just look around you. We're everywhere. We operate from the shadows right under your noses. You've no idea what you're up against."

So, the character is probably a sniper, you know. You cannot easily spot a sniper. They can hide wherever they want and can shoot you when you least expect it. By the phrase "look around you", it is clear that there will be plenty of room to hide in the "Coastal" map. If they're not being careful, players will easily be slain in the hands of the enemies. Phrases like "operate from shadows right under your noses" or, "You've no idea what you're up against" is a mere confirmation of the live-action which is bound to occur in the new map.

Also, there is an arrow mark on a wall and an 'A' written on another. We can only assume that the devs have designed the map majorly for the "Search & Destroy" operation.

Soldiers, pack your bombs as well as defusing kit. We are going to the "Coastal" region!!!


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