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27 July 2021

Methods to Get Free UC (Unknown Cash) in BattleGround Mobile India

By Yogesh Kalla

UC has been utilized as in-game money in BGMI. Users can buy actual cash for the in-game currency and invest it on numerous things. Gamers can use UC to buy boxes, costumes, weapons, accessories, tried and tested items, battle passes, skins for automobiles, etc. Users must invest money to purchase UC, although gamers could use a couple of ways to gain UC free of charge.

The ways users can utilize for the free UC of BGMI are listed below.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards- This program is perhaps the greatest way of earning Google Play credits. The software is produced by Google & enables users, by taking part and finishing small surveys, to make revenue. What this program essentially accomplishes is to allocate multiple surveys to individuals & reward for them when they complete it. Be aware that benefits can differ from person to person every survey & periodicity. They can acquire UC instantly from BGMI with their credit collection.


  1. GPT APPS- GPT programs are essentially applications that reward users in scores. Many chores must be performed and the app will rewards user with certain points when it is finished. While every app has its individual payments & revenue scheme, the essence keeps the same. When you acquire sufficient credits one can swap them to get Play Store Coupons & Steam Codes.


Such apps are Poll Pay and Easy Rewards offered in the Google Play Store. After fulfilling various duties provided, users can utilize such programs to settle incentives & subsequently redeem gift cards.


  1. Custom Rooms & Tournaments- This is the final way to actively participate in the BGMI competitions & custom rooms. Many Online platforms and content designers organize such events where people get UC, along with the Royal Pass. This allows them to engage in custom rooms & tournaments to gain UC free of charge.