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17 April 2021

Mass Effect Legendary – Photo Mode and Visual Improvements

By Mahasweta Das


The Mass Effect Trilogy is coming wrapped up in a legendary package. This is old news for you if you are a Mass Effect fan. Or, maybe, you aren't. But you should've heard about this. The internet has gone crazy over the past few months. Well, it has gone crazier since the last few weeks. If you haven't forgotten, the release date is approaching!!

BioWare and other concerned people are tweeting almost every week regarding some snaps from the game or some improvements. BioWare even started a weekly series for the gameplay of this universal game (The game involves a lot from Space and Universe rather than our very own Mother Earth).

Yesterday, Mac Walters tweeted saying that there will be a photo mode open in Mass Effect. It will be present in every three games of the upcoming edition. Through the photo mode, players can capture their favorite moments from the game. However, they will not be able to pause the game and take pictures whenever they want.

The game will be released in Single-Player mode only, and there will be a certain storyline to catch up with. That said, Mass Effect never was and not will be an open-world game. If you are familiar with this genre of video games, you'll surely know that there are certain moments when you just have to see and not act. During these cut-scenes, you won't be able to take the pictures. You can only capture your moment when there will be a pause button available on the screen.

The official site also reveals that they have made much more visual improvements in this remastered version. The original game, when built, lacked resources like upgraded software and modernized hardware tools. But this remake has allowed the devs as well as us to explore the game in a high-end graphical condition. All the texture, particles, effects, and all imposed a feeling of surrealism. They made improvements to every single one of the thirty thousand textures.

Mass Effect was first released in 2007. From then on, till 2017, more than 10 games of the same series have been launched. The rising technology has enhanced each of them.

Players will be able to customize their characters too in this new edition. Much more attention has been paid to the minute details of the characters. Developers have applied a notable amount of time to make the effect of light on plastic and metals look more reliable. Players will also experience new atmosphere particles. These have been added to create a space-like ambiance and set the mood for the game.

The levels and features have been upgraded, for sure. But there have been thousands of improvements and modifications done. Each stage of the new versions was compared with the original one and then was enhanced.

The par has been set high. The motto of the devs is to let the players experience the same Mass Effect, but with beautifications. We hope and are sure that they have not tampered with the storyline with all their visual improvements. The narrative and art are operated side by side here. Players are either going to be hit with nostalgia or set their new Mass Effect memory with the game.

However, the game is to be dropped in the market on May 14th. Until then, sit tight for the ride.


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