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AirSpeed Ace Bundle
21 April 2021

Garena Free Fire – AirSpeed Ace Bundle

By Mahasweta Das


On 19th April 2021, Garena Free Fire had announced a new cosmetic bundle titled "AirSpeed Ace Bundle". The Bundle will be available from 19th to 25th April in the Fever Spin. Though the event will run till 26th April, players will be able to collect gifts as soon as they perform the spins.


There will be the option for them to spin once as well as five spins simultaneously. Players will need 20 diamonds for spinning once. To performs five spins at once, they will need 90 diamonds.

The grand prize of the spin is the AirSpeed Ace Bundle. The AirSpeed Ace Scythe can be claimed within the first 10 spins. There will also be a certain fever mode. This mode will be available after 20 spins. That means, after receiving the Scythe, players have to spin the wheel 10 more times. Then the fever mode will be activated. This mode allows the users a discount of 20% on each spin. The Fever Mode will last for 15 minutes. After the limited time is over, we have to spin again 10 times. That will reactivate the Fever Mode for us.


Players can claim several more prizes from this event. Apart from the bundle and scythe, Garena is willing to offer loads of rewards to its users.

The prize list includes the following items:

The Red Hot Costume

The Moon Flip ability token

A 2021 lunar new year Costume with a separate top or t-shirt, a bottom pant, and a 2021 lunar new year shoe-set

A 2021 lunar fest Costume set with a separate top or t-shirt, a bottom pant, and a 2021 lunar new year shoe-set

(While the new year costume is designed for men, the fest costume is designed for females only)

A pet dog skin- a Shiba skin with a hip-hop design

A Backpack with Vampire camo, another with a Dragon Lair

A Parachute designed with the wings of the devil and they had named it the same

A skateboard that has a flames design on it

Coupons to participate and draw in the Diamond Royale and Weapon Royale event

Magical Cube Fragments

Pet Food

Scan Card

Bounty Token

50 Memory Fragments of Characters such as Hayato, Notora, Luqueta, Jai, and Skyler

50 Universal character fragments that can be used for any character


Moreover, this event offers several gun packs and skins for us, the players. We are naming them here:

The Kpop Stardom Gun Pack

The AK bundle with Flame skin

The P90 bundle with Phantom skin

The M60 bundle with Santa skin

The Biker Gun Set

The Red Samurai Gun Set

The Titan Gun pack

The Demolitionist Gun Pack

The AK bundle with an Evil Pumpkin Skin

The death M1014 Gun Bundle


With the latest OB27 update, players are going to experience some new gun camos as well as many more new events. The developers there are willing to make their audience satiated with something anew every fortnight if not week, and we are here to keep you updated with all those stuff.


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