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DJ Alok
21 May 2021

FreeFire - 4 Best Characters

By Yogesh Kalla


Free Fire has a few unique modes throughout the games that bring crispness relative to other games of the royal battle style. Matchmaking playlists are somehow singular and involve various segments and tactics. In Free Fire, players must learn things to gain features such as Clash Squad while going into battles, and character discovery is among the most crucial matters. Even so, it continues by asking users to combine 4 distinct character skills with one package - the gamer who can achieve the greatest synergy from these skills will be the winner. In the globalized market of classified fashion, it’d be important for the contest to have the best skill.

Free Fire also has a massive range of characters, making new changes and basic adjustments that maintain the special and non-standard style alive. Such roles get their own expertise, which can be used in some cases to achieve benefits over the attackers. There are 39 roles at the famous royal battle game.


DJ Alok

DJ Alok is amongst the most widely utilized gaming characters. His higher picking rates mainly because he was able to recover allies’ HP during decisive moments. It’s inspired by a real DJ and even has a variety of exciting talent to enhance it unstoppable if users execute flawlessly. Its effective capacity is called Drop the beat, in which it has been surrounded via an aura that improves ally speed by 10% and also recovers 5 HP per second across 5 seconds over a total period. This skill could be maximized for approximately 10 seconds overall.


K (Master of All)

K becomes Free Fire’s newcomer towards the character array. The unusual interaction among Free Fire and DJ KSHMR resulted from such a role. DJ KSHMR’s character “K” is an utter monster this way around, once it comes to helping the squad giving them endless cure. The effective skill gives friends a 500% boost in the EP exchange rate inside a 6m radius. After 3 seconds effective capacity reproduces 2 EP and until the ratio exceeds a total of 100 EP it is used to achieve effective skill.



Chrono’s effective ability is termed “Time Turner,” and activates a protective barrier in its area to shield all people at level 1, for up to four seconds, or until the opponent destroys the field by handling the shield in a sufficient level of destruction. Throughout all stages, the protective shield has 600 HP but can be upgraded to 9 seconds at the maximum speed. Nor do everybody on the ground achieve up to 30% more movement speeds so that they’ll be repositioned easily as they stay in the AoE.



Jai is a Bollywood-based role Hritik Roshan, a free fire-trained SWAT operator. Jai is moving through the attack to kill the opponents with an almost infinite flow of gunfire. It's because each time he takes an opponent, his aggressive “Raging Reload” recharges instantly a proportion of his weapon’s energy. With each update, its capacity recharges the weapon by 30% and could be capped to 45%.


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