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EA BattleField 1
28 April 2021

EA Announces BattleField to launch on Mobile

By Mahasweta Das


The American Company Electronic Arts is the publisher of BattleField, one of the famous FPS (First Person Shooter) game series. The official site of EA announced that this PC game will soon make its debut on smartphone technology, too.

EA DICE, a Swedish Company is in the development of the famous FPS series Battlefield. They, along with Industrial Toys will be on the backend team of this mobile variant. Industrial Toys is a mobile game development company founded in 2012. Their first game Midnight Star was released in early 2015. Electronic Arts undertook the company in July 2018.

In today's market, high-end smartphones are available at comparatively low prices. Also, given the current situation, people have become prone to mobile gaming much more than before. It has made android and iOS gamings one of the uprisings. So, it's a no-brainer that the tech giants will try to expand their business in this field, too. EA is no exception.


According to the officials, this game will be on and about itself. That said, players will be expecting an unusually distinct gaming experience with the mobile version concerning the Console and PC Versions. There are no wordings on whether we should expect a line of games or not, but layers are yet to unfold. DICE along with Industrial Toys is making the game from the scratch. It has been confirmed in the blog post of Oskar Gabrielson, the general manager of DICE. The aim is to provide users (or players) a full-blown experience that will be based on pure skills. The game has entered its trial stage only. So there will be far more news on it. The mobile versions of PUBG and Call of Duty are already there to rule the global market of Android and iOS gaming. Garena's Free Fire is also there, giving out heads on the battle to them. In this state, EA needs to make their game anew and way beyond imagination to be appealing to gamers. EA with their other partner, Respawn Entertainment, announced a Mobile version of another Battle Royale Game Apex Legends.

Nevertheless to say, that the mobile version of Battlefield is going to face tough competition early since its birth. Though there has been no naming, we will call it Battlefield Mobile as per some unsaid convention.


Also, EA has announced that in late 2021, a new edition of the famous Shooter franchise BattleField will be launched for PC and Console. People have already started to name it Battlefield 6. Though there has been no declaration on its name, either. Officials say that the team working behind Battlefield 6 is the largest dev team ever. The game is to provide a next-gen experience to fans & players. Every little aspect of the series so far is going through major changes. That is surely a piece of good news for PC and Console gamers. EA claims the step as "Bold". We call it overwhelming. Both the new games are in daily testing mode. The PC version is going through much more polishing and improvement. It's about time to see the new games dropping in the market.

The battlefield mobile will be available to download in 2022.

Up until then, stay tuned with us.



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