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COD Mobile
10 April 2021

CoD Mobile - If you don't know, Now you Know

By Yogesh Kalla

Call of Duty Mobile service formally reached the Apple App Store and Google Play during October 2019. This game had become the world’s most successful game in India within one week of its arrival. At last estimate, almost 14 million game downloads have been made in the world. There is no surprise in the figures as the game renders PUBG very dull.

The game provides powerful features without any glitches. Overall, the game is smoother so less conversation and more shooting takes place. In addition, as opposed to the fancy dress contest in PUBG mobile with old guns, this game allows gamers be more in the shoes of heavily armed and trained commandos. If it is to glide on or to shoot automatic rifles like the PDW-57 or SAM Turrets, this game sets you on the right path.

Everyone knows how influential the game becomes. Many attributes of a game that makes faithful and new players more desirable.


This game offers a range of game play modes that help players to explore and refine their favorite styles of playing. Nearly every multiplayer mode shares one stuff: the enemy killing mechanisms.

  • Frontline- This would be the generic multiplayer game. The goal is easy, eliminate the threat. The match is won by the side that reaches the target kill limit first.
  • Search and Destroy- Search and Destroy players always get actual FPS feeling in the game and is inspired by CS:GO plantation of bomb and securing the site.
  • Domination- Players must control domination to conquer and retain assigned map positions. They collect points in that and their side will win the game with the most goals at the end.
  • Hardpoint – The team’s task is to hold and defend a point and reach the required score to win the game.

Battle Royale

This game features royal fighting modes for up to 100 matches. A player can play by himself, or in a set of two or squad up with a maximum of 4. Any player, at the beginning of the game, chooses the operator skills to make a space station. When all 100 people are packed, they embark on a plane that flies across the map directly. Each game will change this flight route. An effective jump leader is assigned to each team who determines where and when the squad arrives. In the Season 2, gamers are set to receive a completely fresh feature: Tank Battle.

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