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13 April 2021

Call of Duty Mobile | Season 3 – Theme and Guns

By Mahasweta Das


On 12th April 2021, Call of Duty Mobile launched the first teaser of their new season.

Season 3 - Tokyo Escape.

It's been declared officially, that the new season is a gesture to pay tribute to Japanese aesthetics. Though it was pretty much clear from the title.

The teaser was launched on both their youtube channel as well as official Instagram Account. The comment sections have been flooded with comments from fans and players. And the devs have welcomed them all.

Last year, throughout the seasons, Call of Duty provided us comics for every season. New season, new comics. The comics were the background stories for that particular theme.

On October 20, 2020, the Halloween Theme was launched to celebrate the upcoming Halloween. A new character "Hidora Kai" was introduced there. The character was available in battle pass rewards also. As per the comics, Hidora was a member of the Seven Knights. According to Vladimir Makarov, the infamous notorious villain of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Series, Hidora looks out to seek corporate benefits.

In the comics, Hidora was seen meeting up with another villain Mace in Alcatraz. The character "Hidora" was Japanese. So it's going to be a long wait to see whether he makes a re-entry in this season or not.

Along with Hidora, Katana was also available in battle pass rewards. In this "Tokyo Escape" season, the devs have announced that "Katana" will also be available in the gunfight mode.

If you don't know what Katana is, then let us tell you. It is a Japanese sword used in feudal Japan by the "Samurai"s. It has a curved single-edged blade with a square or circular grip. The long grip helps to hold it with two hands. Though introduced in Japan, Katana is now famous all over the world.

However, along with Katana and most probably Hidora, some new characters and gun skins are lurking around the corner, too.

The RUS 79U 'Karuta' and Type 25 'Oni' are two of the gun skins available in the battle pass. New character outfits include 'Spectre - Ninja' and 'Takeo - Sensei'. We, for sure, want to see other Ninja outfits and Camos in there. (Also, some Ninja perks won't be bad, I guess!!)

The par has been set too high by devs. With the increasing craze for anime day by day, their announcement of a Japanese season will surely lead to greater success. They know their audience. And we are pretty sure that they love them, too. So, they probably won't just announce such a theme and leave us high and dry.

Also, 2 days ago, the official Instagram account of Call of Duty Mobile posted a silhouette of a gun with the caption,

"A new pistol is making its way to the next season!

Can you guess what it is?

Coming Soon to #CODMobile"

There have been many guesses about the pistol. But clearly, no clear indication about the gun from the developers themselves. We too made our guesses. But for the time being, we'll keep it a secret.

Have you made your guess yet?

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