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15 April 2021

Call of Duty Mobile – Everything about Tokyo Escape

By Mahasweta Das


Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 update "Tokyo Escape" is due on 16th April, 2021, i.e., tomorrow. From their various trailers and teasers, we've got a crystal clear idea of the weapons and characters appearing in the upcoming season.

Activision has listed down several new rewards for the premium battle pass and free pass. You will be able to access every new location and map (because THAT is the update) but some prizes will be restricted to you if you don't have a premium pass.

We believe that if you take a look at the prizes, you'll buy the premium pass in no time.

We have listed the prizes for you in the following order:

Premium Users' Rewards -

The Epic Gun Skins and Designs available for premium users are –

Yokai Skin for PP 19 Bizon

Scorching Sun Skin of QXR

Sheath Skin for ASM10

Oni Skin of Type 25


Karuta Skin for RUS- 79U


The Epic Soldiers available for premium users are-

Escape camo for Zero


Sensei camo for Takeo


Ninja camo for Spectre


And Hidora


Players are also getting the legendary "Decisive Battle" (Guess what it is!). Oasis and Coastal are appearing in the upcoming season.

If you can't buy a premium pass yet, don't lose hope. The devs have gifts for you, too.

The PP 19 Bizon will be available in the free pass. It is a new SMG that will be added to the already large roster of weapons available in CoDM. This gun is powerful when used in close combats.


New Operator skill Bull Charge will also be available for all i.e., in free pass. This helps players to move forward quickly and to defeat anyone who comes nearby.


A new pistol Renetti is coming in the next update. Recently, posting a picture of a gun silhouette, the devs asked us to guess the gun. Most people guessed that it is the "Renetti". It appeared first in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019. A post from yesterday i.e., 14th April confirms that the Renetti will be added to the gun roster of Call of Duty Mobile.

A new Perk named "OverClock" will be added. This perk will help speeding up the recharge of the player's operator skill.

Multiplayer game mode "Sword and Stones" will be added and available on almost every map.

The "Oasis" will be open for Frontline mode only and the "Coastal" will only operate Search & Destroy, for now. Behold, soldiers. We are yet to see much more.


A new class named "Spotter" will be added to Battle Royale. Players with this class can mark an area and wreak cluster bombings there. Also, the speed of their rocket launcher gets increment.


A new login event titled "Park" will be arriving soon. Players will be able to claim rewards after logging in to the game every day during this event.

Many more optimizations and improvements have been done in the game. The range of the flame produced after Napalm's Explosion is increased. The fall speed of the missile as well as the speed of the plane is increased. The gunsmith production house is also improved. Several attachments have been made available there.

For example, Assault Rifles like Type 25, AK 117, AK 47, RUS-79U, M16 are getting expansion magazines. AK 117, GKS, MW11, Chicom, M4 are getting various types of silencers. Chicom, UL736, Fennec, HG 40, MSMC, and NA-45 are getting both types of Front Handle - Strike and Tactical.

There are more improvements onboard. Go find them all.


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