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Assault Rifle
17 April 2021

Call of Duty Mobile – Assault Rifle - All You Need to Know

By Yogesh Kalla


There are several class of weapons within game and in this piece we are focusing on the Assault Rifle class. The developers focus on keeping the game accessible to the game's enthusiasts is clearly visible from the weapons introduced in this Season. Assault Rifles are typically a secure solution for series veterans, and the same applies equally in the mobile version of its game.



This rifle fulfills all of the requirements for a satisfying assault rifle gaming experience. The numbers in this report are reasonably solid opposed to some others. Consistency differs from player to player at various distances. Nevertheless, most accept that this weapon is almost invincible in close proximity – particularly when the player using it first takes a shot. With red dot sight and anticipation the ASM10 is less accurate, which gives the firearm a chance to combat other guns while on the row. You may check out this loadout which we have prepared or you can mix it with your own.



It’s another effective weapon in the game for the ones who love mid range to long range fight. The range of this gun is much higher than the ASM10. The weapon has balanced stats and players can equip such accessories to increase their output more. This weapon represents a risk to all competing team members even though it does not have accessories. It can be very disturbing when a pro player is using it. Man-o-War is a great option for aggressive push in search and destroy mode, but you should make yourself a compromise in that situation because even though you can quickly catch an entry frag, running away from the cover fires is nearly impossible. We would urge you to give this gold maxed out loadout a try and let us know what you feel about it.


The AK47 is undoubtedly one of most popular gun amongst the players. This weapon deals a staggering level of destruction. Its high recoil, on the other hand, makes it tough to strike enemy targets exactly, however, if you have mastered it then you may unleash mayhem on your opponents. The high damage per bullet ability of AK47 makes you a extreme beast. The players who are absolutely into the BR mode should give our suggested loadout a try to win that 1vs1.



The DR-H is an assault rifle with a modest firing rate, high damage, and high recoil. When it comes to using the weapon, accurate fire – especially headshots – can distinguish the newcomers from the warriors. This weapon has been regarded as the best assault rifle in the game and in the ranked multiplayer mode, gamers are wreaking havoc with this beauty. In close range to mid range fight it is very devastating. We have maxed it out and we would share our secret DR-H loadout with you wink.



The AK117 is one of our favourite assault rifles in the game. It fire rate makes it a majestic beast in close range in BR mode. One can club this alongwith AK47 and leave your opponents in a complete disarray. It can quickly dispatch enemies owing to its high fire rate and considerable damage. The AK117 comes with a slew of impressive stats out of the box. The weapon has a high fire rate, good damage, and easily controlled recoil. The weapon will run out of ammunition relatively quickly due to the firing rate, and an expanded magazine will cure the error. If you ask us for suggestion on recoil stabilization, we would simply ask you to see the image below to see our secret recipe to make AK117 a godgun in close range.



The ICR-1 assault rifle in the game is a fairly flexible assault rifle that is also a little advanced than the standard assault rifle. It's a great mobile gun, but it lacks in terms of damage. It has a damage rating of 40, which is marginally greater than the M4, but the difference is insignificant. The primary objective of this ICR-1 build is to improve on what the weapon performs best in the game, which is short ranges combat with the option of medium range combat. You may see our loadout wrapped in the Gunzo Draw skin, don't envy us, we do like skins cheeky



This gun is players favourite for 2 reasons: 1) Balanced Stats & 2) In-game Performance. Activision has won many a hearts in the Season 3 by rolling out a new skin for this gun called Type 25 Oni.

The in-game official description which we see for the gun states that "Fully automatic assault rifle. High rate of fire with moderate recoil." If you want to  try a new weapon with a new skin, we would recommend you that you should give it a go.



Perhaps the most entertaining assault weapon in the game. This powerful weapon falls short in places where one might expect it to show. The HVK-30 is the assault weapon that most closely resembles as an SMG. With such a base damage of only 35, it is the weakest throughout the category. However, have one of the highest fire rates and one of the greatest improvement stats of any game. With the right attachments, the HVK-30 transforms into a laser beam SMG, even though it struggles at any range.



The KN44 give you 3 things: 1) high damage, 2) a quick fire rate, and 3) good accuracy. The KN44 has the capacity if can destroy an opposing player in a jiffy and its rapid fire rate makes it an ideal mid-range weapon for run and shoot. We promise to not tell anyone that you looked at our loadout if you come out as the strongest KN44 player angel.



The Peacekeeper MK2 is a great option in general. It has a wide damage range, a good fire rate, and excellent accuracy. A wide range of attachments can be used with the Peacekeeper MK2. RTC Muzzle Brake for Muzzle attachment, Rapid Fire Barrel for Barrel attachment, Aim Assist Laser, Fore Grip for Under-barrel attachment, and Firm Grip Tape for Rear Grip attachment are also some of the best. Or you can choose an alternative from the image below which we prefer for MK2.



The M4 will be the first gun available while playing this game, however, if you are a PUBG Mobile fan, you may not find this one at par with what developers at Krafton has done with it. It is very simple to receive, manage, and increase XP in order to have a full set of improvements accessible right away. What makes it special is its ability that can reach targets reliably from a long distance without sacrificing damage production. The M4 is an excellent weapon for fighting at medium to long ranges, but it suffers from a minor disadvantage in close combat. Since the gun deals less harm than its rivals, it's not a good idea to use it in close combat. We promise, we will not flaunt anymore gun skins in this article cheeky.

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