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06 May 2021

BattleGrounds Mobile India - New Name Old Game

By Mahasweta Das


PUBG Mobile is going to be launched in India very soon rather than late. The game was banned in India in September 2020 due to some data privacy concerns. But the majority of Indian players and profit from them is something that no one can turn down (if you know what I mean ;)).

Since last year i.e., 2020, Krafton game union, one of the developers of PUBG Mobile, has been dropping hints about relaunching the game in Indian Market. They are not going to threaten people to download it, that's for sure. It will be one or two updates in their privacy policy. Now, there will be no policy update for the global version, as the game is still running in most countries. There seems to be a version made for India only (Feeling pretty special, huh?). Though it's not alienating for them. They have already made special versions of the same game for China. Chinese players, officially, are not allowed nor able to play the global version, just like us Indians.

So, we are going to have an "Indian" version of our beloved PUBG Mobile. Now, speculations have been made regarding the gameplay, graphics, locations, sound, even the name of the game also. And the continual teasing of the devs has just fueled the fire. They literally just posted a video on 30th April on their youtube channel to remove it later.

The confirmation of an Indian version was received from the developers' end when they created a separate website named PUBG Mobile India Official. However, they have never confirmed to us what will we be calling the game here. Until now.

Recently, an embedded link was found in a video on the Vimeo Platform, in PUBG Mobile's official account. Netizens say that it leads to a clip that shows "BattleGrounds Mobile India". That is, very likely, going to be the name of PUBG Mobile.

After the security concerns last year, Tencent is most likely to be absent as a developer and publisher in this Indian version. To date, it is aired that PUBG Studios will be publishing the game.

Now, about the embedded link. Okay, so we didn't find the link either the video clip. Ashutosh Kushwah, a former PUBG player, found the video clip and brought it to the notice of Gemwire. On inspecting the clip in detail, it was found that this video link used to lead us to the clip Diwali Coming Soon not very long ago. The same caption shows on the official site of PUBG Mobile India. Also, in the private video collection of PUBG, there seems to be another one with the following thumbnail.


The new video file was named in Korean with an extension .mp4. On translating, it gives "India Recall Campaign Motion_v02.mp4". Krafton.Inc has registered a domain named "" on April 7th. All in all, a new version is lurking around the edge.

Now, Free Fire as well as CoDM has been a source of entertainment for gamers these days in India, but, once PUBG hits the market, it will be hitting everyone and everything. The old craze will be back. We will shout "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" and moms will be hitting us with pans (literally :)).

So, are you ready to fire?


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