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22 July 2021

BattleGround Mobile India New Community Event - GET READY TO JUMP

By Yogesh Kalla

BGMI conducts one more fascinating event, namely ‘Get ready to jump.’ Every gamer is allowed to join the event. The show began on 20 July and lasts through 30 July.

Throughout this time, Krafton allowed every participant to publish their jumps video inside the gameplay via their social accounts and also mention the main BGMI streams. Participants only need to capture a clip of them jumping out from the airplane and putting it on media platforms. The clip might take less than 60 seconds. Spring into the battlefield needs you to choose the appropriate place, the ideal arrival position and more.

Through thirty days from the completion of the contest, champions will be announced via social website of BGMI. For more communication information you can reach us via in-game mail. BGMI emphasizes that only latest one is to be considered for repeated entries. In addition, contestants have guaranteed their Instagram profile is publicly.

The competition award will be given to the 150 top competitors depending on the singularity of the battlefield footage. The collection contains BGMI logo T-shirt, caps, bandanas, slippers, coffee mug, phone rings, and backpacks.

Any gamers enthusiastic in the competition may also emerge with some incredible video to amaze the audience. Just carefully follow precisely all rules, that you may be one of 150 participants.