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Banned Teams from FFCO
23 May 2021

Banned Teams from Free Fire City Open India 2021

By Yogesh Kalla

Almost since launch, the FFE group has seen a massive spike. A whole combination of significant cash rewards Garena tried tirelessly to make & develop the brand. Among the most important problems is the use of unlawful techniques to deceive & hack. FFCO 2021 in India is now allowing a greater impetus with an enormous win of 60 Lakh's INR, with players from 8 cities.

In India, Garena confirmed the banning of various FFCO 2021 teams. Official posts from the FF crews on internet forums revealed that on 30 April 2021, eight team members were found with hacking devices in an online qualifier. The FF teams and representatives are then banished from the competition and are therefore disqualified by FFCO 2021. The unforeseen incident, Total Gaming Esports, one of India's most successful FFE teams, is disqualified by the FFCO 2021.

In addition, Garena has identified that TG-FozyBhai (also called "FozyAjay") and TG-BALA (also called "MAFIABALA") have appeared in the FFC mode qualifier on many occasions.TG-DELHI and then another team including FOMZYvai involved. Garena expelled 2 teams from the competition following a violation of such a rule. This declaration amazed the whole community of Indian Free Fire.

Gareena also disqualified LVL-AMATERASU immediately after a manager did not check her accounts because the team was blocking the manager. The survey revealed further that different teams provided the player with knowledge currently face the tournament restriction. This disqualifies them from the contest.

This is the list of teams that have been disqualified from the Competition:

  • PVS GAMING (Banned player in the team)
  • Pvs Gaming (Banned player in the team)
  • NO_MERCY… (Banned player in the team)
  • TGB—ARMY (Banned player in the team)
  • Unstoppable???? (Banned player in the team)
  • X-factor (Banned player in the team)
  • FOMZYvai (Multiple signups)
  • TG-Delhi. (Multiple signups)
  • LVL-AMATERASU (Failure to verify account ownership)


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